Cranberry Rock Farm Team



Ron, the old salt, is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, had his own fencing business decades ago, and was a ski coach and Athletic Director at Carrabassett Valley Academy before diving head first and blindfolded into farming. Thanks to his extensive vegetable gardening experience, we had a few nuggets of growing wisdom with which to start.




Cindy had no business whatsoever getting into farming. A full time mother and graduate student whose dissertation traces the history of Chinese burial figurines (see what I mean?), she had absolutely no idea what she was doing when they first started the farm. She’s pretty good at reading (and collecting) books, though, so she did learn a bit before they actually broke ground.



Delilah, aka Lila, aka Hyena, was born on Valentine’s Day, which is very misleading. A Blue Merle Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown eye, she is the perfect storm of Alpha and herding maniac. Prone to dreadlocks in her butt fur, Lila is not what you would call “dainty”.



Cleo, aka Cleosaurus, the newest member of our pack, is an 8 month old Harlequin Great Dane. At 110 pounds and headed for 125, she is our big baby. Always careful not to sit on her little Dachshund brothers, Cleo is sweet and surprisingly agile for her size.


Oscar and Frank

Oscar and Frank are the litter mate dynamic wiener duo. Oscar was the 10th birthday present for the now 21-year old Henry (do the math), and we accidentally came away with Frank too.  After all, how can you get a puppy for one kid and not for the other? Oscar is the fuzzy sweet one. Frank, aka Frankie Burgles, aka Frankie Turds, aka Freaky Dee, is the bow-legged one. Both enjoy barking, lying in front of the fire, and killing rodents.